Fontaine 700 Series

40% lighter, yet 250% stronger than traditional wood frame spas! The new Vita Spa steel frame is weatherproof, corrosion free, and is backed with a LIFETIME structural warranty. It locks in heat, seals out moisture, and allows for complete serviceability of the entire structure. Typical wood frame spas are exposed to the weather including excessive moisture in winter. This means there is always the possbility of rot and this can lead to skirt panels falling off, the structural integrity of the spa being compromised, or worse. With a Vita Spa L500 or L700 model, you never have to worry about any of these things happening, because your spa is built with a state of the art steel frame, a copper sealed base, and is guaranteed for life.

Capacity/Seats 6
Exterior Dimensions* 91.5in x 91.5in x 35in
Total Jets 51
Water Capacity 420 Gallons
Dry Weight 898Lbs
Filled Weight 4085 Lbs